Following are the Quality Parameters ‘I’ Grade Saffron has to Pass.

Test Prescribed Limit Method
Saffranal – for fragrance 20 – 50 IS:5453,P-II,1996
Colouring Strength 190Min. IS:5453,P-II,1996
Total Ash % by mass 8 Max. IS:5453,P-II,1996
Acid Insoluble Ash 1 Max. IS:5453,P-II,1996
Moisture & Volatile Matter 12 Max. IS:5453,P-II,1996
Solubility in Cold Water 65 Max. IS:1797,1985
Bitterness ( Flavour ) 70 Min. IS:5453,P-II,1996
Total Nitrogen % by mass 3 Max. IS:5194,1969
Crude Fibre % by mass 6 Max. IS: 1797, 1985

Once the Saffron meets the above specified requirements it is Eligible to be Termed as Grade ‘I’ Saffron.