Saffron for Headaches

Saffron for Headaches & Migraine

Headaches are probably the most common health complaints people have worldwide. There is no person who can claim never to have had a headache at any point of time in life. While a mild headache can cause some discomfort, splitting headaches make a person feel miserable. Stress and tension are known to cause severe headache.

While there are many over the counter (OTC) medicines available for treating headaches, all of them have some side effect or the other. Here’s one of the most effective and easy home remedies:

Take a pinch of pure saffron and add a pinch of mishri, which is crystallized sugar lump. Mishri is also known as rock sugar and is rich in minerals. Add a few drops of water and grind the mixture to a fine paste. Make a poultice out of the mixture and apply it on the forehead. Let it sit for an hour or so. Saffron – mishri paste gives instant relief from headaches and does not have any side effects whatsoever.

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